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Florianfilm was founded in 2001 by André Schäfer and is based in Cologne and in Eiderstedt at the North Sea. Our focus is on documentaries for cinema and television. We produce films and series such as "Trans - I Got Life" (cinema documentary; winner of the Audience Award at the Munich Film Festival 2021), "Love Rituals" with Charlotte Roche (docu-series, ARTE), "Canada's National Parks" (docu-series, ARTE), "Faces of Flight" (web series, nominated for the CIVIS Media Award 2020) and many others.

André Schäfer
Executive producer, writer and director
André Schäfer, born in 1966, studied History and Journalism at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich 1987-1992; Training at the German School of Journalism Munich 1987-1993; author for Die Zeit, Frankfurter Rundschau, among others; since 1992 numerous documentaries, series and tv pieces in the realm of cultural topics; cinema documentaries since 2007. From April 1999 to May 2001 editor/1st reporter in the cultural editorial of WDR television. Since May 2001 founding member and shareholder of FLORIANFILM GmbH in Cologne.
Oliver Lau
Head of production
Oliver Lau, born 1976, editorial assistant at WDR television in the departments WestART, WestART am Sonntag and frauTV since 1999, freelance writer since 1999 for WDR and ARTE. Trained as a businessman for audiovisual media. Head of produciton and advisor for green producing at FLORIANFILM.
Anna Steuber
Producer, writer and director
Anna Steuber, born 1982, Bachelor's degree in Communications & Visual Culture at the Metropolitan University in London from 2003 to 2006, Master's degree in Film Studies at University College London (UCL) from 2006 to 2007, exhibition researcher for the Women's Library London from 2005 to early 2008. First started as an intern at FLORIANFILM in March 2008 and has been a permanent member since September 2008.
Viktor Apfelbacher
Writer, director and producer
Viktor Apfelbacher, born 1981, studied Spanish and Latin American linguistics, cultural studies and political science at the Albert-Ludwigs University in Freiburg i.Br., journalistic internships in Germany and abroad; studied directing at the Film Academy Baden-Württemberg in Ludwigsburg. Graduate of the Documentary Campus Masterschool 2014. Since 2011 writer, director and producer at FLORIANFILM.
Markus Augé
Producer, writer and director
Markus Augé, born 1987 in Bonn, studied German language and literature, cultural anthropology and communication sciences. Since spring 2012 he works as a producer, writer and director for FLORIANFILM. When not at Florianfilm, he is currently working on his Master of Arts in Crossmedia.
Jascha Hannover
Freelance writer, director and producer
Jascha Hannover, born in 1990 not far from the Florianfilm office in Cologne. Studied Film Studies and Philosophy at the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. Graduate of the Documentary Campus Masterschool 2014. From 2014 to 2022 permanently on board as producer, writer and director. Since 2023 freelancer.
Georgina Hillebrand Perry
Producer, writer
Georgina Hillebrand Perry born 1994, studied art, culture and media at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen. Guest management and public relations for the International Women's Film Festival Dortmund | Cologne; script supervisor for various TV productions; since 2022 producer at FLORIANFILM.
Thomas Rosenberg
Producer, writer and director
Thomas Rosenberg, born 1989 in Friedrichroda and raised in Erfurt. Studied international journalism at the University of Applied Sciences in Bremen. After a few stopovers in Berlin, Munich and Malta, he was drawn to FLORIANFILM in Cologne. Starting as an intern in summer 2019, he joins our team as a writer and producer in January 2020.
Tabea Sperl
Producer, writer
The french connection at Florianfilm. Born in beautiful Kassel, it has always driven her to France. Now for Florianfilm. Studied journalism, intercultural studies and history of political ideas in Hanover, Paris, Freiburg i.Br. and Lyon. She joined the team as a producer and author in 2022.
Mohsin Shah
Director, writer
Meet Moh. Born in Pakistan. Abitur in 2019 Hürth & B.A. in Film Directing 2023 in Cologne. An office clown by passion and film director by designation. Moh does documentaries for Florianfilm and directs/writes fiction films on the side, he’s all about socio-political topics. Super famously known for singing hits in high pitched falsettos in the middle office.
Aksana Dijkstra
Editor, data supervisor
Aksana Dijkstra, born 1989 in Belarus. Studied journalism at the Belarusian State University in Minsk and worked in parallel as a radio host and reporter. In 2011, she moved to Germany and trained as a media designer. Since 2018 she oversees the technical workflow at FLORIANFILM.
Sabine Helbing
Sabine Helbing, born 1964, trained as a banker and studied business administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. Mother of two children. Since 2020 she takes care of the accounting at Florianfilm.
Part-time office dog who always puts us in a good mood. Specialised in German "Fleischwust".